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The purpose of this page
is to start you looking at your own headshot with a more critical eye,
so you can get it right, and get more work.
My shot of Mark Crotti shows him as a sensitive,
intelligent actor, full of promise and enthusiasm.
Mark's previous shot (above right) makes him look clueless and unprofessional.
Which got him more work???
Mine of course!!
Chloe Dunn is a gorgeous, sweet young lady. She is intelligent on all levels but her main asset is that she can play "cute and bubbly". Those shots certainly do not help bring her to the attention of the right people. She would be perfect for Home and Away, and I kept this in mind when doing her shots. Now she has a chance. Before, with those shots, she had none!
David Wikaira-Paul is a big star in New Zealand. He is not as recognised here and needs to compete with a much better headshot. The old one above is a lot like a school photo. It is pretty unexciting. My shots below are working hard for him day and night.
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