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That's my lovely wife Neuda and me above, holidaying in Brazil.
I'm forty something, bit of an artiste extraordinaire,
completely unemployable: fortunately I have found my calling as a photographer.
I love art. Kenneth Clark (doddery English art historian) is my hero.
My favourite artist is is Gian Lorenzo Bernini, sculptor and architect (1598-1680.)
I am also a motorcycle nutcase, I love taking my bike to the track, and my speed record for Eastern Creek is 273 km/h on a Yamaha R1. I adore the sensation of leaning the bike into a corner at 200 km/h dragging my knee sliders along the racetrack. The bike slides and blips and the adrenaline rush is out of this world.

I love music, including Radiohead, 70's rock, hard-tripping Breakbeat (Crystal Method), Rachmaninov, John Digweed, William Orbit, Joan Baez, Nick Cave, dubstep and many more.
I am unique among Australians in that I am completely disinterested in spectator sport. Noam Chomsky got it right when he said it's just "bread and circuses" so people don't get politically active about the shenanigans of the kleptocratic state and its bankster cronies.

Below is a pic of our boys, all dressed up.
An old photo of Freddie on his 1st Birthday below
This is Freddie's first birthday invitation...
Fred is on the LEFT.
This is Freddie's second birthday invitation...
This is Freddie's third birthday invitation...
This is Freddie's fourth birthday invitation...
And this is Freddie's fifth birthday invitation...
Bill (1.2) and Freddie (5) in front of the backdrop Nezzie made by hand.
And below is Fred (4 years), and Bill on his first day of life, May 2010
I can't resist a couple of shots of Bill at 6 months.
And at 1 year, in his favourite place... fishing around in my studio.
Jom photo.
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