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Product 1. ... The Monthly Line Up
Faces blurred to protect the innocent!       The backdrop is one I painted especially for the CBA.
PRICES: Perfect images
with retouching.
Great lighting and expression,
Zero retouching.
25+ people $120 each $70 each
50+ people $110 each $60 each
100+ people $100 each $50 each
Large corporations can benefit from a monthly line up
at your office (or mine) to update their Intranet or ID photos.
Employees feel valued, and can utilise the photos proudly
instead of having the customary cringeing feeling.
These matching and flattering shots can
also be used to give client pitch documents
a more polished look.
I can shoot 50 people in a half day.
For example...
Every month (approximately) I trundle my 2 roller cases
into the Commonwealth Bank building in Sydney
and take photographs of analysts, economists … actually everyone!
All I need is a room 3.5 metres by 6 m.
I have photographed CBA for 11 years now!
Note the custom painted background.
We choose a shot together on the back of the camera, and sign off on it.
I retouch it later, and supply finished shots on CD in ...
Hi Rez (3000 pixels) - for large print
Medium Rez (820 pixels) for small print up to 8cm and web use
Low Rez (300 pixels) - for email signatures
I also convert the hero shot to Black & White and supply that file in each size.
Product 2. ... The “Wall of Fame”
Some companies reward and celebrate their staff with a gallery of hero shots
(the photos must be very good or it is an insult.)
This helps to put a name to the face, and improves morale… a lot!
Perhaps your executives need to be more understood?
Perhaps your sales people need to be lionised?

In an under-appreciated department, such as I.T,
it can lift morale immensely.

It gives people a thrill, and validation, and respect
if they have a great portrait.
The effect is multiplied if you proudly put them on the wall!!
For any enquiries on these ideas, please give me a call on 9327 1495 or email me
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