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Imagine how good YOU are at taking pictures.
Pretty good, right?
Now imagine how much better you would be
if you took at thousand photos a day for 30 years.
Peta Wilson age 17 by Jom
Before that, you assisted the best and brightest fashion
and advertising photographers, on high profile shoots, for 6 years.
Old Polaroid of Jom assisting Daniela Federici
I am a REAL photographer
1000 photos a day
30 years of Bohemian living.
In warehouses. With artists.
4am ... I can do a crazy experiment!
I got that out of my system.
Now I love my headshots.
Corporate Headshots by Jom
These people are not models
they look fantastic because they are well lit,
with a lovely expression,
and are photoshopped to perfection.
Can you see the quality?
It really takes a lot of skill to make these photos.
Lighting skill. Emotional skill.
The most important thing is the vibe.
The emotional message.
Please forgive the indulgent images to follow.
I want to prove that I was good back in the day,
and I’m even better in my prime (now.)
A young Jason Clark photographed by Jom
Bad teeth retouched by Jom
As a principal headshooter for "Extras Agency" for 10 years I had a procession of all shapes and sizes, and learned a great deal.
I have worked for the CBA since 1998. On merit alone. No nephews in there.
A most tolerable fellow, Christian.
Too good for this world.
Do you need someone as
experienced as me?
Yes you do.
Headshots are REALLY HARD.
Look around at the Linkedin photos of your friends
and compare them to mine.
Mine are better. That is EXPERIENCE.
I look back at how little
I knew about headshots
even five years ago.
Now we can throw
lightning bolts upon request.
masterful headshots
A lifetime learning to SEE.
For example.
Show me your Linkedin/ website/ promo photo.
I will point out three emotional mistakes with your expression.
Five lighting mistakes.
Two camera mistakes.
That's why you come to me.
There won't be any mistakes with the image.
Extremely fast. All set up. Smooth. Artistic.
Incredibly flattering. How good looking is your choice.
 Retouching done at the shoot
ALL of my clients are happy.
Most of them are BLOWN AWAY.
I only charge $250 (plus GST) for a RETOUCHED
guaranteed fantastic image.
We have a make up service in house.
This makes the whole photographic experience
extremely easy, quick and convenient.
I am located in Edgecliff, Sydney.
I have a great studio with car parking.
I can also come to your office and photograph your staff.
From 8am to 6pm, call 9327 1495 to book a shoot.
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