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Make-up/ No make up - comparison

Professional Makeup.
Available in-house.
Creatively tasteful.
Technically perfect.
Adjusted to our lighting.

A camera ready make-up is a meticulous process.
It takes a fast expert professional 45 minutes.

Just the skin preparation takes ten minutes.
Every corner is filled in carefully, and
everything is blended together smoothly.
Make up is important in photos.
It helps me to make you look great.

Street makeup. Invisible under camera/ lights.
Make up only - no retouching.
Retouching makes everything good again.

It is a fact of life nowadays
that many busy people don't wear make-up,
and very few know how to do a camera ready make up on themselves.

We are competing with others for the same opportunities.
We need to look as good as we can.
That is why you are coming to me for the photos,
instead of getting them done at the post office!
Man with make up by Jom


Men usually don't need make up.
If you have a mediterranean complexion or a lovely tan, come as you are.
On the other hand...
If, like me, you have a red nose, white eyelids and dark rings under the eyes. Or light bits and dark bits, or red bits, or grey bits ...
You should consider having our make up artist jazz you up a bit. After all, sex appeal equals sales.
$50 gets a full man's make up, which is different to a woman's make up in that it makes you look more masculine!
And smoother... and frankly... better.

Men's make up
If you have read this far, why not consider this fact...
On a film set, the make-up department is often bigger than the camera department.
Make up is ALWAYS used in films.
And still photos.
Don't think you can re-invent the wheel
Females need makeup.
Some men do too.
If you are a man and not sure if you need it or not, you can let us know when you book in, and we'll decide after we see you. It's really not about spots or dots, those are easy to retouch out. It's about the broad swathes of skin.
Those are impossible to retouch.
Like a surgeon, I need "donor tissue." I can't just airbrush it. It looks too fake. To fix tricky skin, makeup is the go. Masculine make up.


$50 for men ... takes 20 minutes.
$100 for women ... takes 45 minutes.

You need to let us know...
Book it in as well as booking your shoot.
If you don't book it in,
and then decide you need it....
we can usually accomodate you!

HAIR: Blow dry and style

$20 ... Short hair
$40 ... Medium hair
$60 ... Long Hair
$80 ... Straighten long curly hair


If you are confident doing your own make-up, that's great.
Keep in mind that photography needs a make-up with a thick cover base.
A quick swirl with the pink powder is worse than nothing.
The lips and eyes will look best if done meticulously in natural colours.
If it's all too much you can book ...

Our in-house make up service!

 make up and retouching comparison


If possible, try to come with a clean face.
If you come after work, then make up is forgivable.
If you're coming from home, try not to use mascara please.
It is difficult to remove. Some brands are very clumpy and flaky and it will compromise the end result.
Exfoliate your face the night before your shoot. If you are used to doing that. This is to remove dry skin which makes an uneven base for make-up. Be VERY gentle! Otherwise your skin will go red. Then use a moisturiser appropriate to your skin type.
Please bring whatever lipstick(s) you usually wear.
Trying to describe a colour can be very subjective.
I can either use yours or match with a similar coloured professional one.
Please use some lip balm to moisturise before the shoot.
If you do not have any a bit of olive oil or butter will do the trick.
If you usually have your eyebrows waxed, do not have it done on the day of the shoot. I can get rid of the of the redness that it leaves, but some people can get a pimply texture around the eyebrows. It does not look good on photos.
Just pluck the thicker hairs with a pair of tweezers.
If you're considering having a hair cut for your headshot,
try do it a week before so your hair settles in it's new style.



Once again the prices are...
$50 for men ... takes 20 minutes.
$100 for women ... takes 45 minutes.
HAIR: Blow dry and style
$20 ... Short hair
$40 ... Medium hair
$60 ... Long Hair
$80 ... Straighten long curly hair

Neuda the make up artist
This is my lovely wife, Neuda. I am so grateful for her.
Top of her game. She is available to do your make up.
Whilst we are very happy to style your hair in front of the camera,
our passions are respectively
1) photography
2) make up.

We are just as happy for you to have your hair professionally done,
either with your person,
or our guy.

Our guy is "Levali Hair"

He is 50 metres from our door. Click here for details.

Levali hair studio
114-118 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff
Phone: (02) 7901 6499

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