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CORPORATE Headshots by Jom

If you can't access your clothes,
we have some basic items
in every common size.
You are most welcome to borrow them for no charge.



Men's white shirt in every size
from 36cm collar (XXS) to 48cm collar (3XL).
Women's white t-shirts,
with a high round neck,
which looks correct under a dark jacket. XS to XL.
A ONE minute video showing the clothes we keep at the studio.
If you can't access the right clothes, you can relax and borrow ours.


We have navy/ black jackets.
Men's XS, M, L, XXL.
Women's XS, M, XL, and an 8.
Free for you to borrow.
We have ties. Lots of blue ones.
Jom's studio's rack of blue,other colours, and bow ties. You are most welcome to borrow them for no charge.

If you don't have time for a shave;
I can give you a disposable razor,
shaving cream, hot water,
and a towel.
No charge.

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Jom Photo - the finest quality Corporate Headshots in Sydney.

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