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Prices for Headshots.

Includes retouching. And perfection.

One person, one shot.

In the comfort of my Edgecliff Studio.
Stephen lo rez

$250 plus GST
($275 total for 1 shot including GS f'nT)


One person, several shots.
(multiple retouched fantastic USABLE shots)

At my Edgecliff Studio.
3 shots of one person

First shot: $250 plus GST
($275 total for 1 shot including GST)

Second shot: $150 plus GST
($440 total for 2 shots including GST)

Third shot: $120 plus GST
($572 total for 3 shots including GST)
unless timing is inconvenient.


Multiple people, one (fantastic) shot each.

At my Edgecliff Studio.
Larger groups come in 3's and 4's.
7 different people one shot each
One person: at my studio: $250
Two people: at my studio: $440
Three people: at my studio: $650
Four people: at my studio: $770
Five people: at my studio: $880
Six people: at my studio: $980
Seven people: at my studio: $1080
Eight people: at my studio: $1180
Nine people: at my studio: $1280
Ten people: at my studio: $1380
Eleven people: at my studio: $1480
All prices ex GST.

Larger groups are best to arrive in
2's and 3's every hour or so.
The art director or the CEO
should arrive in the first group
to establish the aesthetic.


On Location:


One person, lots of shots.

Executive Image Library shoot.
Multiple retouched fantastic USABLE shots.
At your office.

Photos for Amazon at the Sydney office
Per person: $800
Make up: $200
Time needed: 2 to 3 hours.

Lots of people.

One amazing shot each.
At your office.

People queueing to get their photo taken by Jom at CBA Darling Harbour.
The Location Set-up starts out expensive, but gets rapidly cheaper per person.

It's a proper studio set up.
I need about 40 minutes to set up my full scale travelling studio. The first person (lighting guinea pig) takes maybe 10 minutes. Please not the CEO.
Somebody placid.
Then 5 minutes per person.
For 25+ people I bring a free
make up artist for touch ups.

All prices ex GST.

More info on location shoots HERE.

One person: at your office: $600
Two people: at your office: $770
Three people: at your office: $950
Four people: at your office: $1070
Five people: at your office: $1180
Six people: at your office: $1280
Seven people: at your office: $1380
Eight people: at your office: $1480
Nine people: at your office: $1580
Ten people: at your office: $1680
Eleven people: at your office: $1780
Location Gear


Number of People: Full service amazing images
with retouching.
Great lighting & expression,
25+ people $120 each $70 each
50+ people $110 each $60 each
100+ people $100 each $50 each

More info on Large Corporation Photos HERE.

  All prices ex GST.


How does one pay?

We take cash, EFTPOS, VISA and MasterCard.
And Paypal.
We can do a credit card transaction over the phone.
You can do a direct transfer on your phone to our account at the session if all else fails.
We will invoice you direct from Quickbooks,
and email you a TAX INVOICE with the GST added.
The invoice actually has a Paypal link, so that's nice and easy!
Please let me know as I write the invoice
if you want the invoice made out to a company name,
or somebody else's name.

Staff at Your Office are invoiced at the conclusion
of the retouching/ approval process.

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