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 Retouching done at the shoot


It makes you look as good on the outside
as you are on the inside.
Looking better will smooth your way through life.
Looking good will increase your sales,
and your success.
Jom Photo Sydney retouching
Asymmetrical face retouched by Jom
Jom using photoshop for retouching on a eye
Retouching is what makes
a GOOD photo
into an AMAZING photo.
It is included in the price of your shoot
It is an essential part of my picture-making process.
So why not ?!?
Some examples are below. (Animated GIF)
before and after GIF of photoshop retouching on a friendly man
Bad teeth retouched by Jom
Images used with kind permission of good sports!
Many thanks to my lovely clients xx
corporate photos retouched
retouching animated gif
animated gif showing retouching before and after
another animated gif showing retouching before and after
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