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Headshots by Jom
The basic principle of dressing for a stills camera is...

“The attention of the viewer should be on the subject's face.
Not the clothes.”

Let me rephrase that...

One should not notice the clothes.
One should notice only the subject.

if you are absolutely confident that you look fine in what you are wearing, come as you are. I can roll with it!
I do recommend though, that you bring 2 shirts, 2 jackets (one lighter, one darker) and perhaps 3 ties.
Don't worry about pants or shoes.
They will not be seen.
Of course if you are a funky entrepreneur ... dress appropriately!

I do have white shirts in every size which photograph fine, so if you just can't find one, I can lend you a white or dark grey shirt.
The key word is OPTIONS
Bring a few options!

I prefer darkish clothes which are not too detailed.
Better to keep your eyes as the focal point... not your outfit!
If you want colour, bring it!
Surprise me!!!
And please... bring me some options!
You will only know what looks best when we shoot it and see the photo on my computer.
Scarlet and blue, and bluish grey shirts are great.
Yellow, purple, orange and green can be tricky (this is not a rule - surprise me!)
But the safest options are the more boring colours...
Keep the attention (what little exists)
on your expression, don't distract with too much interest down low in the shot.
Pure WHITE blouses... can be tricky without a jacket.
They can tend to look a bit "virgin sacrifice-y".
And a white jacket can look a bit "rich bitch".
But!... a white shirt under a dark jacket is a
timeless and unbeatable combination!
Remember the Devil wears Prada?
They depicted her as a dag with lots of colour.
The transformed woman's colour palette was monotone.

But I hate rules!

Please defy me and break this rule.
But do bring options.
Couple of things on coat hangers.
Give me some toys to play with. Please.
Key word ... OPTIONS
Bring a few options!

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