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Would you like to give a gift that is actually useful?

And avoid all the hassle that comes with shopping?
The photo benefits the recipient for many years,
and every time they see it, they think of you!

How do we arrange one?

If you have Paypal, that's the easiest way.
You just pay, they have to show up!
Photo and retouch only
Put your email here

Or you can just phone 9327 1495
and give us your credit card details,
and we’ll put the transaction through our ANZ terminal.
We will email you the Tax invoice ($275 includes GST $25.00)
Then we mail you the gift card,
and you can give it to the giftee.
If you won’t physically see the giftee,
it doesn’t matter,
we can email you the gift card artwork,
and the invoice number.
Gift cards are valid for 12 months.

How does the giftee book in?

The giftee looks at our website to find out:
They (or you) call or email to arrange a time. Just turn up at that time! That’s it!

How does the photo shoot work?

Bring a few tops, arrive relaxed if possible.
We have a chat and figure out what the photo should express.
I’ll teach you how to sit, and what to do with your pose and expression.
We’ll do some lighting/ angle tests to figure out the ultimate composition.
We’ll look at the images on a big TV, and finesse the message.
We’ll choose a "hero shot" on the computer, and you can watch me retouch it.
This ensures that you are guaranteed happy with the final result.
The process takes under an hour, and the best part is,
that you leave with the retouched photo on a CD (in 3 sizes)
as well as having them emailed to you in a zipped folder.
I will give you a few of the best “other shots” on the CD
but my advice is to use only the HERO SHOT.
The photo is yours to use without any encumbrances or extra charges.


Make up is a traditional part of image making for a good reason ...
Street make up looks too thin.
Professional photographic make up is completely different.
Much heavier.
Most people aren't trained, and can not believe the
coverage needed, so therefore don't look as good as they possibly could.
We have in-house make up service for men and women.
This is also available on the gift voucher.
Or the giftee can make up their mind at the shoot,
or do it themselves. No problem either way.
$50 for men ... takes 20 minutes.
$100 for women ... takes 45 minutes.


On the Paypal purchase box below it is possible to choose:
Optional make up on menu
Put your email here
Here is a link to our in-house make up service.
I have 20 years of word-of-mouth rave recommendations.
Jom Photo is the preferred photographer to the top people and companies in Sydney.
The studio is set up for one thing... Headshots.
Beautiful lighting, a relaxing atmosphere, and amazing computer wizardry.
You leave with finished images in one visit!
Click through my website here for videos, tutorials and tons more info!
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JOM PHOTO - 136 New South Head Rd, Edgecliff - near train station
free car park and entrance on Darling Point Rd. Sydney NSW
daytime phone (02) 9327 1495 | mobile 0414 936145 | e-mail